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Ultra Vie RSVPs

There is often high demand for Ultra Vie events. Because many of our events are best suited to accommodating a small number of people, we wanted to find a fair solution that would allow as many of our members as possible to experience them. Our solution is RSVPs. 

How do RSVPs Work?

Every Ultra Vie member is given a set number of RSVPs every month that can be used to attend Ultra Vie events.

  • For every Ultra Vie event you attend you’ll use one RSVP.
  • On the first day of every month, we’ll give you additional RSVPs to use.
  • If you don’t use all of your RSVPs in a single month, they’ll carry over until you’ve accumulated the maximum number allowed for your account. 
  • Adding yourself to a Waiting List does not use any RSVPs.

What if I’ve used all my RSVPs?

If you find yourself using all your RSVPs every month, there are several ways to get more:

1. Complete your profile
  • By completing your profile you'll improve your chances of attending this event.
2. Refer a friend to Ultra Vie
  • We’ll give you and your friend 1 extra RSVP each when your friend joins - so both of you can enjoy your next Ultra Vie event together.
3. Become a Premium Member
  • Premium Members get up to 4  Priority Access RSVPs per month plus a range of other benefits. Please follow the link below for further information.

How do I check how many RSVPs I have?

When you are logged in to Ultra Vie you can view your current number of RSVPs at the top bar. This is only visible if you have confirmed your email.

How does the Waiting List Feature Work?

When an event is full up, you will be able to put your name on the event's Waiting List. This is well worth doing - we strongly encourage our members to cancel RSVPs if they cannot actually make an event. In some cases we can even negotiate more places on the event's list for our members if the event organiser can see there's a lot of unfulfilled demand. When a member cancels their RSVP, we allocate it to someone on the Waiting List according to a number of factors. Your place in the list is important, though we also take into account how active you've been as a member - filling in your profile, inviting friends to join, and attending our events are all great ways to move up the waiting list.

Cancelling an RSVP

If you cannot make an event, it is extremely important that you cancel your RSVP or otherwise let us know that you will not be able to attend the event. There is high demand for places and numbers are often limited, so if you can't go there is almost always someone else who would love the opportunity to attend in your place. While we understand this happens from time to time, if you frequently don't attend events you have RSVPed to we will limit your ability to RSVP to future events.