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Sebastiaan Bremer: Spilaio – Exclusive Tour of the Exhibition

  • Tuesday, 17th February: 6 - 8 pm
  • Please arrive anytime after 6 pm
  • For you and a +1
  • To invite a guest, please use the 'Invite Guest' function above

The Story

Hales Gallery invites Ultra Vie members for an exclusive tour of a new exhibition of a Dutch-born, New York-based artist Sebastiaan Bremer. The tour is led by Sasha Gomeniuk, Gallery Coordinator and Stuart Morrison, Gallery Director. For Spilaio, Sebastiaan Bremer transforms the gallery into a mystical and dark cave or grotto-like space, inhabited by artist-made, industrial and found objects as well as image projections which also act as the only source of light.

Taking its title from the Greek word meaning “cave”, the exhibition comes to life through an amalgamation of various elements, objects and media combined to create a single large-scale installation occupying the entire space of the gallery. Bremer hints at the mythical and almost sacred side of art-making – the faith in the final outcome upon the piece’s completion, the other side. In myths and folklore caves have long been regarded as entryways into the Underworld and as links to sacred existences. For his 2-dimentional works, the artist employs various techniques to distort and change the image and the surface of the photograph: cutting and carving away sections of emulsion, which are then backfilled with paint, or using ink and photographic dyes to produce fine patterns of lines reminiscent of cobwebs or readings from seismographs.

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