Interview – Sam Hart | Barrafina, Fino & Quo Vadis

19th October 2011
Alexandra Carrillo

Sam Eddie Hart Quo Vadis1 Interview Sam Hart | Barrafina, Fino & Quo Vadis

Sam and Eddie Hart are responsible for three prodigiously successful restaurants in London, Barrafina, Fino and Quo Vadis and have a fourth venue in the pipeline.

We caught up with Sam, to get an insight into the mind of the successful restaurateur and his perception of each venue.

What motivated you to go into the restaurant business and why Spanish food?

I grew up in the restaurant business – my father owns Hambleton Hall and Hart’s Hotel and restaurant in Nottingham.  I always said I would never go into the business but look what happened!  My mother grew up in Mallorca and we still own her family house there.  I lived in Barcelona as well and fell in love with Spanish food.

What makes a great restaurateur?

Attention to detail – definitely, but also a sense of hospitality.

Where do you prefer to sit and eat or drink within the group?

It depends on the day and my mood.  All three restaurants are brilliant for slightly different moments. Barrafina is fabulous for 2 or 3 people. Fino is fantastic for Tapas when you are in a group of more than 3, or fancy sitting down at a table.  Quo Vadis is the one for more of a glamorous, British meal out.  That’s the great thing about having three – there is lots of choice.

What other projects are you and Eddie working on in the near future?

We are opening a second Barrafina site on Drury lane, next year.

What’s your favourite hidden gem in London?

I love Bar Shu, a very spicy Szechuan restaurant at the bottom of Frith Street.