Recipe – Black Pearl Cocktail | Claridge’s Bar

4th November 2011
Alexandra Carrillo

ClaridgesBar1 Recipe Black Pearl Cocktail | Claridges Bar

After recently interviewing Denis Broci, Head Bartender at Claridge’s Bar, it would have been sacrilegious to leave without a recipe. Denis was kind enough to present us with The Black Pearl.

Black Pearl Cocktail 226x300 Recipe Black Pearl Cocktail | Claridges Bar

Not only does it look, taste and sound alluring and mysterious, this is an old favourite which remains on the cocktail menu regardless of how many newcomers are added. This rare beauty which uses fresh blackberries and blueberries to give it its hue was invented in 2004 and is still the best selling and most popular cocktail on the Claridge’s Bar menu. Impressive stuff indeed.



50ml Zubrowka Bisson Grass Vodka
4 Fresh Blackberries
4 Fresh Blueberries
10ml Chambord
10ml Creme deCassis
25ml Pink Grapefruit Juice
Fresh Lime Juice

Muddle the blackberries, blueberries and vodka with a bar spoon in a cocktail shaker. Add the lime juice, Chambord, Cassis and pink grapefruit juice. Shake well with ice. Strain and pour contents into a short glass with ice. Garnish with a couple of blackberries and enjoy!