Interview – Marco Glaviano | Fashion Photographer

10th February 2012
Rosalie Winnik

MarcoGlaviano portrait1 Interview Marco Glaviano | Fashion Photographer

The Italian-born photographer originally studied architecture at university, where his love of photography grew. As a member of a jazz group and after photographing fellow musicians at jazz festivals during the 1960s, his passion became a profession.

We spoke to Marco about his most memorable photo shoots and what his favourite photographic subjects are.

What is the most memorable photo shoot that you have ever done?

Paulinacover bigbook Final 225x300 Interview Marco Glaviano | Fashion PhotographerI have too many favorite memories of shoots that it is almost impossible to select one.

Your work is incredibly sought after, which magazine cover launched you?

Italian Vogue in the early 70’s.

You have exhibited work all over the world; this is your first show here what makes London a special place for you to show your work?

I love London, it has always been one of my favourite cities in the world and I am really happy to have the opportunity to show my work there.

Which model would you like to work with that you have not worked with yet?

Kate Moss.

If you didn’t shoot fashion and supermodels, which other subject matter would you pursue with photography?

I don’t only shoot supermodels. I am mostly known for the supermodels photos but I have been always doing landscapes and portraits of musicians.