Halloween | Spooky Social Calendar

23rd October 2012
Laura Burnside

Ghosts Halloween | Spooky Social Calendar
As All Hallows’ Eve approaches, get ready to release your inner monster. Parties and spooky events are lining up to tantalise and terrify you.

First things first, the crucial costume choice. If you want to combine sexy with spooky, head to Angels on Shaftesbury Avenue; their DIY section will allow you to create your very own ghostly and ghastly costume. For theatre-worthy make-up and the best authentic wigs, visit hidden gem Charles Fox in Covent Garden. If you want to go vintage, Beyond Retro offers an interesting medley of spooky second-hand accessories and if you’re looking to hire, The Mad World Fancy Dress and Costume Hire is a worthy option. For more high-class fancy dress costumes, you can book an appointment at the National Theatre Costume Hire store.

If you want to get in a gory mood before the scary celebrations begin, pop by The Museum of London exhibition Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men. It promises to be as gruesome as its’ name.

October 23rd Terrifying Tuesday

Celebrations start early, with by The Improsarios, from the 23rd to the 25th of October at the Etcetera Theatre. This highly-skilled company of actors return to create a brand new horror play in one night – all based on an audience suggestion.

October 25th Zombie Fear Thursday

You can attend at the Old Vic Tunnels for three nights of deadly debauchery. Delve deep into London’s oldest morgue, home to a population of Zombies who will host their underground party; visit their grotesque strip club or exact revenge on your arch-enemy at the Voodoo Doll making workshop. Take part in a Zombie Killer Run Challenge, or simply move to the rhythm of their Zombie Disco, Thriller style, with Djs such as Time Out All Stars, Gary Powell (Libertines), Adam Ficek (Babyshambles), amongst others.

October 26th Frightful Friday

ZombieHorrorCamp 160x300 Halloween | Spooky Social Calendar

If you want to combine glamour with good cause, you can join royalties, celebrities and socialites for the infamous , which will be hosted at the Beauberry House by the Button Club, to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

For another philanthropic party, Fifty Shades of Halloween will take place at the Gallery Club at the Westbury Hotel. Put on your best Halloween costume and support CoppaFeel for breast cancer awareness.

The V&A museum are hosting Friday Late: Kensington Gore, to celebrate the horror movie genre. You can be photographed next to your own grave, listen to some deadly tunes, join in on some freaky activities, and attend special screenings and spooky talks.

Later on, head to Salon for their Halloween Edition of Housekeeping, or to Xoyo, where you can dance the night away to the deadly sounds of Digitalism.

On Friday and Saturday, Supperclub will be holding their Disco Slaughterclub, with a bloody four-corpse menu, and many spooky events, some of which will be organised by notorious house-party planner Sancho Panza.

October 27th Scary Saturday

Start your deadly day by making your own Bloody Mary at The Bloodshot Brompton Brunch, while feasting on dead man’s finger sausages and other brunch horrors.

To put you in the mood before a nightmarish party night, enjoy a Halloween dinner at the Galvin Café a Vin.

Bloodlust Ball 200x300 Halloween | Spooky Social Calendar

Courtesy of the Bloodlust Ball

You can choose to dress up as Dead demons, buried beauties and 80s Hellraising for Monster Mansion, a hair-raising Halloween party hosted by Beetlejuice. Rumour is that ghost-girl dancers and toxic cocktails will ‘put some life into your afterlife’.

Barts’ Gruesome Twosome will be celebrated on both Saturday and Wednesday. Their on Saturday, in association with Veuve Cliquot, is not to miss if you are looking for frightful fancy dress fever in devilishly dramatic decorations. On Wednesday, let your ghost-curious mind indulge in twisted tales and spooky stories with Roger Clarke.

Celebrate Halloween exotic style, with Voodo-Who Do at Shaka Zulu and Day of the Dead at Chamucos Clubhouse (also taking place on November 2nd).

Enjoy a mixed music lineup at Winterwell’s “What you might find in Hell” party at the Loft Studios, or spooky sideshow performances while moving to beastly beats at The Brickhouse Halloween Masquerade.

For the lucky few, head to for a massive, magical and messy Halloween party, with oozing charm and devilish music.

Rock will host Spooktacular: The Thrilogy party by Jewish Care, while Secretsundaze will hold a Halloween Asylum Party at Factory 7.

October 29th Monster Monday

Make your very own silent horror movie at The BookClub’s School of Spooky Slapstick, with Halloween make-up artists, creepy props and freaky frocks.

Balan’s master mixologists will be offering you a daring game of Trick or Treats. Flip a coin and if you lose, you’ll have to distressingly drink their Brain Haemorrhage concoction.

October 30th Twisted Tuesday

If you’re up for something extremely macabre, Charlie Tuesday Gates invites you to bravely go down to The BookClub’s basement for a live DIY Taxidermy session. The faint-hearted should beware, dead pets are involved.

If you happen to have a 50 Shades of Grey or Lederhosen costume lying around, head to Bodo’s Schloss for their 50 Shades Halloween party. The Coco de Mer Luxury Lingerie Models are sure to take your mind far far away from the Taxidermy trauma.

October 31st Wicked Wednesday 

Bloodlust Ball 2 300x215 Halloween | Spooky Social Calendar

Courtesy of the Bloodlust Ball

After a Halloween dinner at Michelin-starred , or a pumpkin packed dinner at Tom’s Kitchen Chelsea, you can choose amongst various member’s club’s parties.

You can head to Cuckoo Club for their legendary Halloween party, dress Bloody Scary for , or dress up Hotel Transylvania style for Maddox’s invitation-only party.

Dukebox Carn-evil Halloween Weekender also promises to be devilish, with an exciting lineup from Wednesday to Saturday, including Son of Kong, Dj Henry Ralph, Dj Asad and Dj Rich Stone.

If you’re looking for something different, get slaughtered, then mourned and laid to rest at Bones and McGibbor’s Funeral Parlour at The Book Club. You can get mementos of your own demise at their Dead Portrait Photo Booth, try the disturbing but delicious edible hair, and knock back an Undertaker’s Eyepopper (every cocktail coming with its’ very own eyeballs).

You can also pop by luxury Chinese restaurant and bar Min Jiang for their one-night only special Halloween cocktail Moutai Monster.

Don’t forget to drop by the Old Vic Tunnels, where Wahaca will bring Mexico’s vibrant Day of The Dead Festival, a four-day celebration with music, food, art and film.

November 2nd Freaky Friday

Sponsored by Imitate Modern,  Notting Hill will be hosting a True BBB Halloween Party, with a Masquerade three-course meal, champagne cocktails and unlimited wine with dinner. You can then dance devilishly in their Ballroom with Special Guest Djs & Cabaret provided by Holly Penfield.

If you want to prolong your terrifying week, The Shining, a masterpiece of modern horror, will be re-released by the BFI with special Halloween previews in selected Cineworld cinemas.

November 3rd Supernatural Saturday

Last but not least, Another Party Halloween presents Tiefschwarz. Use your spooky superpowers to find their secret West London location. If those fail, contact James Manero, and don’t forget to dress dead scary!