Pinta NY 2013 | Our Favourite Artworks

25th November 2013
Tara Pahari
cut24 Pinta NY 2013 | Our Favourite ArtworksAdriana Marmorek, ‘Ya no recuerdo bien, es el espíritu’(detail - ). Courtesy of the artist and La Galeria Arte Contemporaneo

Pinta New York is an intimate international art fair with a focus on modern and contemporary art from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. It was founded in 2007 and this year it included the participation of 50 prominent galleries.

The fair took place this year from 14th-17th of November, and we’ve picked a select handful of our favourite pieces to show you.

Adriana Marmorek
Ya no recuerdo bien, es el espíritu (pictured above)
La Galeria Arte Contemporaneo

Adriana Marmorek studied Social Communication before working in advertising and television. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the National University of Colombia in 2006. She has been exhibiting her sculptures since 2000 – her art started off with bronze sculptures. She then moved on to plastic works, expanding into photography, video, and installation.

León Ferrari

7409128p Pinta NY 2013 | Our Favourite Artworks

Untitled, 2007 Leon Ferrari mixed media on canvas 20 x 14 inches

León Ferrari was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where lived and worked throughout his life. Though born in 1920, Ferrari was an energetic and spirited artist until his recent death last July. He studied Engineering at Buenos Aires University, and believed there to be a definite link between art and science.

Tomás Rivas
Exercises in Style

TallerBloc.TRivas.03 Pinta NY 2013 | Our Favourite Artworks

Tomas Rivas, 'Exercises in Style', courtesy of the artist and Taller BLOC

Tomás Rivas is a Chilean artist who earned a BFA and a post-baccalaureate degree from the Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile. He received a scholarship to pursue Italian Studies. He worked in Milan as a printmaking apprentice before completing an MFA in sculpture at the University of Notre Dame, where he now works as a teacher.

Richard Garet
Untitled(Painting Semiotics)

garet1 Pinta NY 2013 | Our Favourite Artworks

Richard Garet, 'Untitled Series (Painting Semiotics)', 2012 11 x 14 x 28 feet room dimensions. Slides projected into a wall of a darkened space Slides projector, 58 slides, 2 speakers, photosensitive sensor Continuous running Ed of 3 with 1AP. Courtesy of the artist and Julian Navarro Projects, New York

Richard Garet is a multimedia artist who brings together moving images, sound, multimedia performance, and photography. He concerns himself with contracting intimate spaces which draw viewers into his work completely. He holds an MFA from Bard College and he participated in the first major American museum exhibition of contemporary sound art, “Soundings: A Contemporary Score” at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Cecilia Paredes
Highlands Mercury

Mercurio 2011 CP Pinta NY 2013 | Our Favourite Artworks
Cecilia Paredes, ‘Highlands Mercury’, courtesy of the artist and Blanca Berlin

Cecilia Paredes is a Peruvian artist who currently works between Philadelphia and Lima – migration, for Paredes is a very important factor in her career. She uses discarded elements to create her artworks and also makes use of make up and body painting to create anthropomorphic images. This piece represents Mercury, the messenger of the gods, and guide for the dead. Paredes represents how Mercury would appear in the impoverished Andes, particularly in the 80′s and 90′s when Peru suffered from terrorism, war and poverty.

Donna Conlon / Jonathan Harker
Domino Effect

STILL efecto domino ff Pinta NY 2013 | Our Favourite Artworks

Donna Conlon / Jonathan Harker, Still from 'Domino Effect', courtesy of the artists and Diablo Rosso

Donna Conlon uses her work to conduct socio-archaeological inquiries into her surroundings. Jonathan Harker utilises irony and hyperbole to subvert the language and conventions typically used to narrate stories. US born Donna and Ecuadorian Jonathan have both lived for most of their lives in Panama. The two artists have been collaborating since 2006. Their work combines their techniques, and they have created a host of videos which question and investigate the world around them.

Ricardo Huezo
Untitled N

Untitled N Pinta NY 2013 | Our Favourite Artworks

Ricardo Huezo, 'Untitled N', courtesy of the artist and EspIRA

Ricardo Huezo is a painter and digital artist from Salvador/Nicaragua. He has studied at the prestigious art school, La Esmeralda in Mexico. His work has been featured in three Nicaraguan Biennials. His work has seen the emergence of cartoons and other such characters who, along with their childish, mellow palette question the seriousness of painting.