Augustus Harris | Covent Garden Bàcaro Experience

3rd December 2013
Tina Baraga
cut1 Augustus Harris | Covent Garden Bàcaro ExperienceAugustus Harris

Inspired by the bàcari of Venice, Augustus Harris is the new heart of Italy in Covent Garden. Opening today, it is the quintessential Italian “osteria”, serving cicheti and other bar snacks alongside wine and cocktails in the evening, and selling wine and Italian produce during the day.

Copper Bar Closeup 1024x682 Augustus Harris | Covent Garden Bàcaro Experience

Augustus Harris, Copper Bar

In the ever-increasing food scene of Covent Garden, Augustus Harris stands out by being small, intimate, exciting and fresh. A curved copper bar will display the cicheti available that day, while wooden shelves will be laden with olive oil, wine, pasta, biscotti and other Italian dry goods, which will be available to take home. The restaurant will cover two floors, giving guests the chance to sit at the bar or by the large windows overlooking Catherine Street or to heard downstairs, where the walls are clad with walnut and large bronze mirrors.

Augustus Harris will offer a concise all-Italian wine list and a range of classic cocktails, a perfect combination with the light, simple yet sophisticated snacks and cicheti on offer. A selection of crostini such as Capacollo with Artichoke, Porcetta with Taleggio and Herbs and Mackerel with Pickled Red Onion will serve to fill the hungrier of stomachs, while snacks such as Fennel, Radish and Orange Salad, Anchovy and Butter Soldiers and Stracciatella Cheese as bar snacks.

Window Seats 1024x682 Augustus Harris | Covent Garden Bàcaro Experience

Augustus Harris, Window Seats

The restaurant was named after Sir Augustus Harris, the 19th Century manager of the Drury Lane Theatre, who was considered to be the father of modern Pantomime and much loved for his lavish productions. His penchant for good food and drinks led to him being known as one of the great bon vivants at the time, and with his statue still standing directly opposite the restaurant, it seems that his magic continues to rub off.

Founder Charles McDermott comments on his inspiration behind Augustus Harris, “I’ve always been drawn to Venice and especially the bàcari – they don’t take themselves too seriously and have a great simple and honest attitude to food and wine. I wanted to create a place where you could enjoy beautiful ingredients over a drink and be drawn into the bàcaro experience.”

Augustus Harris
33 Catherine Street
London, WC2B 5JT
Opening Times
Monday-Thursday: Shop – 12pm – 1130pm | Serving drinks and food: 5pm – 1130pm
Friday-Saturday:  Shop – 12pm – 1130pm | Serving drinks and food: 12pm – Midnight