Victoria Miro at Schloss Sihlberg | Exhibition of Khan, Kusama and Shawcross

9th June 2014
Amy Dhanoa
cut111 Victoria Miro at Schloss Sihlberg | Exhibition of Khan, Kusama and Shawcross Conrad Shawcross Perimeter Studies Set 3, 2011 ©Conrad Shawcross

Victoria Miro in Schloss Sihlberg, Zürich, presents a special exhibition of works from three artists, Idris Khan, Yayoi Kusama and Conrad Shawcross from 14 June – 22 June. The exhibition displays each artists interpretation of the ‘use of abstraction and repetition’.

The gallery showcases the ‘new series of white on white paintings’ from London based artist, Idris Khan. Khan initially created these paintings in 2012 and he continuously layers strands of text onto the ‘gesso-like’ surface of the work. The paintings are a dazzling white with an opaque circular pattern of words that implies a ‘contained energy’ radiates from the centre. Words appear to dissolve into the white-space appearing to permeate to a point where they ‘slip from tangibility into abstraction’.


Yayoi Kusama Prisoners Door, 1994 ©Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama has created a new spectacular display of monochromatic Infinity Nets. At a distance, the Infinity Net paintings could be interpreted as monochromes, but at a closer view, Kusama’s intricate use of ‘small arched semi-circles of paint’ that cover the base of the canvas become visible. Alongside Kusama’s paintings, the exhibition presents her sculpture the Prisoner’s Door (1994). You can expect to see Kusama’s ‘new bronze pumpkin’ at Art Basel, which will headline before her London exhibition in September.

The work of Conrad Shawcross, Perimeter Studies and Plosion is a continuation of his insights to the ‘concepts of sequence and repetition of form’. Shawcross produces visionary structural works that are influenced by ‘geometry and philosophy, physics and metaphysics’. His montages are shaped with concepts of the Big Bang and can therefore be associated as ‘diagrams of expansion or contraction’.


The exhibition will run from 14 June – 22 June
Sihlberg 10, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland