START Art Fair | Saatchi Gallery

26th June 2014
Amy Dhanoa
cut128 START Art Fair | Saatchi GalleryChokra, Zawaj Al Khaleek (Gulf Marriage), 2014, courtesy of artist and Kashya Hildebrand: Samat, Anne, Alpha and Omega, 2013, courtesy the artist

START Art fair; presented by Prudential, is an art fair committed to supporting emerging galleries and well known artistic centres. The art fair will take place from 26 – 29 June at the Saatchi Gallery, London. START displays works from 46 exhibitors and artists originating from 21 countries.

pb revised 300x200 START Art Fair | Saatchi Gallery

Byrne, Penny, Tea for Two in Tuvalu, 2011, courtesy of the artist and Fehily Contemporary

Some exhibitors that will be showcased are Saudi Arabia’s Athr Gallery, who are noted for supporting work from Saudi native artists such as, Sami Al Turki and Ahmed Mater. London gallery, Paradise Row, is recognized for their work in promoting pioneering artists into the art world. Similarly, Richard Koh Fine Art (Malaysia and Singapore) is renowned for showcasing assortment of works from emerging young artists. ROH Projects (Indonesia) introduces a solo exhibition of one of Indonesia’s blossoming artists, Chrisitine Ay Tjoe. BRUNDYN+ (South Africa) is also exhibiting South Africa’s new talent and CUC Gallery (Hanoi, Vietnam) is recognized as one of the first galleries to rise into the art fair world.

MA resized 222x300 START Art Fair | Saatchi Gallery

Aslam, Majed, Pure Phase #1, 2013, courtesy of the artist and Paradise Row

START features the Prudential Eye Zone, which is curated to expose bourgeoning new work created by today’s artists in Asia. The success from the Prudential Eye Zone reflects the success of the Prudential Eye Programme. In 2008, the Prudential Eye Programme was launched as a way to provide support for artists to succeed and increase their full potential. The Programme has conducted exhibitions and distributed books that served as a directory into current art works deriving  from Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the next destination is Singapore in January 2015.

19 Artists have been chosen to display their works, which embody how ‘artistic practices’ are increasing and flourishing in these different regions. The Prudential Eye Zone involves ‘musical performance pieces, larger than life painted portraits and three dimensional installations made using traditional Malaysian weaving techniques.’


START Art Fair will run from 26 – 29 June
Address: Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York HQ, King’s Road, London, SW3 4RY