Interview – Kristin Knox | Culture to Catwalk

29th September 2011
Alexandra Carrillo

Kristin Knox1 Interview Kristin Knox | Culture to Catwalk

Her first book Alexander MacQueen; Genius of a Generation has sold out six times, she has consulted for a list of prestigious brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren and Mulberry, and has been profiled in Elle, InStyle, Vogue Nippon and the New York Times.

After the presentation, we had the opportunity to ask Kristin more about her relationship with fashion, fashion blogging and of course her new book.

How did you get involved with fashion?

It was really just because I have always been a writer and always loved fashion. My mom had a boutique, I helped her buy for it when I was a teenager and everybody kept telling me that I should do fashion journalism.

So I did an internship at Allure magazine in New York. It wasn’t quite right, so I gave up and tried something else but that didn’t fit either, so I tried again, this time at FT weekend. That was the right publication – it was only then that I realized this was what I wanted to do.

So, why the change from New York to London?

I moved to the UK to study. I went to Oxford and then just continued my career here.

Culture to Catwalk s Interview Kristin Knox | Culture to Catwalk

Tell us about your relationship with Premier Models?

I am signed into their special booking division, which specializes more in personalities, rather than in straight forward modeling, but they gave me the models for the show today. It’s all in the family.

How do you think bloggers have influenced the fashion scene?

Incredibly (I actually talk about that in the book). There is so many different ways to answer that question, but in relation to this book and how it influences design, I think blogging and street style in particular have put a real emphasis on what people are wearing on the streets. It’s no longer about what women are wearing in Paris or the trend in Milan. Now people want to be original, they are looking at and photographing people on the streets in different parts of the world. Looking at those fashions then influencesdesigners.

Culture To Catwalk KN Interview Kristin Knox | Culture to Catwalk

What is the main idea that you are trying to bring across with this book?

There are two parts to the book: the historical side and the contemporary side. For me it is just important that nothing really exists in a vacuum and fashion is as much a part of our culture as art or literature. It is a reflection of where we live, the times that we live in and that all these different things are in conversation with each other. For me, that’s what makes fashion interesting. There isn’t just Asian design, African design, European design. There are European designers that are maybe of Asian descent that are doing African-inspired collections. There is a tremendous cross-cultural currency that happens and fashion is an industry where that can take place. I think that is a wonderful thing.

I hear there is a third book coming, tell us more about it.

It’s a novel, its fiction. The working title is “One million Uniques”. That should give you a taste of what it is about!