Recipe – Veal Sweetbread with Cabbage and Pine Kernels | L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

30th September 2011
Alexandra Carrillo

recipe Latelierdejoelrobuchon1 Recipe Veal Sweetbread with Cabbage and Pine Kernels | LAtelier de Joel Robuchon

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon have established themselves as one of London’s most emblematic eateries and exponent of modern French fine dining.

This week’s recipe is a treat to the palate and one of their signature dishes - Le Ris de Veau clouté de laurier frais à la feuille de romaine farcie! (For the rest of us: Veal sweetbread with swiss chard and stuffed romaine leaf.)


1 piece veal sweetbread
3 almonds
7 pistachios
5 walnuts
3 spoons of maple syrup
1 piece cabbage


10g carrot
10g celery
10g leek
10g shallots
50ml veal jus


Blanche the sweetbread in vinegar water for 8 minutes. Steam the sweetbread and cut into an attractive shape (as per the photograph above). Roll the sweetbread in flour and pan fry in butter

For the sauce - Brunoise the carrot, celery, leek and shallot (julienne, turn by a quarter, and dice to produce cubes). Blanche the vegetables, sweat in butter and deglaze with the veal jus.

For the garnish - Take the 5 most presentable cabbage leaves, cut into neat round shapes and cook them a l’anglaise (quickly and uncovered) in a pan. Glaze them in a beurre monté.

For the mendiants - Caramelise the maple syrup and add the nuts.

To serve

Place the 5 cabbage rounds on the bottom of the plate (creating a rosace). Roll the sweetbread in the mendiant mix and place it in the middle of the rosace. Add the rest of the mendiant on top of the sweetbread. Carefully pour the veal jus around to finish.

Bon appétit!