Top Six Late Night Restaurants in London

8th July 2013
Robert Westacott
duck and waffle cut Top Six Late Night Restaurants in London Duck and Waffle restaurant interior layout. Courtesy of Duck and Waffle, 2013.

There are a wealth of options in London if you’re out on the town and looking for a midnight snack. It’s becoming increasingly fashionable for restaurants to stay open past the conventional opening hours, as the demand for late-night entertainment grows within the British culture.

London areas such as Covent Garden, Chelsea and Mayfair are adopting a more continental stance when it comes to dining at unorthodox times of night, which is providing a fantastic choice of restaurants to enjoy no matter when you feel like having dinner. Here is our list of six of the best late night restaurants around:

Duck & Waffle

Offering a 24-hour dining experience, Duck & Waffle is located on the 40th floor of the formidable Heron Tower, with over 100 seats for diners. If you want to be surrounded by stunning views of the City whilst you enjoy a late meal, Duck & Waffle is the place to go.

Address: Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AY

Café Boheme

signage 1 Top Six Late Night Restaurants in London

© Café Boheme.

Having served traditional French cuisine for over 20 years, Café Boheme is decorated in the style of a Parisian brasserie which creates a welcoming and comfortable environment. Serving food and drinks until 2.30am, reservations are not necessary at Café Boheme because diners can walk in and choose their table any time they want to eat.

Address: 17 Old Compton St,  City of Westminster, London, W1D


The only restaurant in London to have a 24-hour alcohol licence, VQ’s Night Menu is available from 11pm – 7am, making it a reliable venue for Chelsea’s more nocturnal residents. The comprehensive menu, with delicious early breakfasts, and the extensive wine lists make VQ a great choice for winding down after a long night.

Address: 325 Fulham Rd,  London, SW10 9QL


maroush Top Six Late Night Restaurants in London

Maroush, Beauchamp Place. Courtesy of Maroush, 2013.

Serving Lebanese cuisine and set over two floors, Maroush is also a late night restaurant with seating for 150 diners. Open from 12pm – 5am seven days a week, Maroush offers unique and eclectic dishes from a menu which is rooted in authenticity and Lebanese culture. The late night atmosphere is always full of vitality, as Maroush is at its busiest between 10pm – 3am.

Address: 38 Beauchamp Pl,  London, SW3 1NU

Bar Italia

A legendary Soho bar which first opened its doors in 1949, Bar Italia is a family-run business that is renowned for the quality of its coffee, which can be prepared however you like it. Coffee is an important part of Italian culture and this ethos is upheld with pride by Bar Italia. The only hours of the day that Bar Italia isn’t open are from 5am – 7am.

Address: 22 Frith St,  London, W1D 4RP

The Soho Diner

The Soho Diner is the newest restaurant on this list, having just opened on the old site of Boheme Kitchen and Bar. Open until 3am Thursday Friday and Saturday, this venue serves simple French-American food alongside an extensive selection of specialist cocktails. The Soho Diner welcomes guests to socialise or have a traditional sit-down meal, and offers wonderful, friendly surroundings for doing so.

Address: 19-21 Old Compton Street, Soho, London, W1D 5JJ