Hello, My Name is Paul Smith

9th July 2013
Robert Westacott
paul smith cut Hello, My Name is Paul SmithSir Paul Smith, courtesy of The Design Museum.

Iconic fashion visionary Sir Paul Smith will be the focus of an exhibition at London’s Design Museum, which will offer an exclusive insight into the majestic success of the British designer, and his globally recognised brand of the same name. Coming later this year, taking place between 15th November 2013 and 9th March 2014, ‘Hello, My Name is Paul Smith’ will examine the influences and inspiration behind Smith’s fashion designs and map out the possibilities for his future in the industry.

paul smith store 300x272 Hello, My Name is Paul Smith

Paul Smith Store. Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California. Courtesy of The Design Museum.

has become an institution within the world of fashion, now showing seasonally at London and Paris fashion weeks with 14 illustrious collections. The exhibition will explore how Smith’s innate flair for design, together with a natural understanding of the relationship between designer and retailer, created the platform for the brand’s lasting success. The different stages of design and production will feature individually, offering a unique look at Smith’s own creative process, and highlighting how the fundamental techniques of tailoring are retained but given a contemporary edge.

The Design Museum will showcase collections selected by Smith himself, alongside components of his personal archive, from the company’s humble origins to its resounding popularity today. To revisit the roots of the company, an exact replica of the first Paul Smith store in Nottingham (which was a mere 3m x 3m) will be put together for the exhibition, along with a recreation of Smith’s personal office. Additionally, an immersive digital room which will display both still and moving images will be accompanied by segments of narration by Smith, giving guests a feel of how such a brilliant designer’s mind works.

paul smith 205x300 Hello, My Name is Paul Smith

Paul Smith in his first store. 10 Byard Lane, Nottingham, c.1970. Courtesy of The Design Museum.

Furthermore, projections, audio and film clips from fashion shows and behind-the-scenes will reveal the inner workings of the Paul Smith brand. The exhibition will include a selection of jewellery, books, art and antiques that complement the clothing collections, and give each Paul Smith store a charming identity.

‘Hello, My Name is Paul Smith’ will invite guests to take a journey through Paul Smith’s history, charting the rise of one of the leading names in the fashion industry today. Smith’s innovative, inspirational work over the past three decades has earned significant recognition and respect worldwide, whilst retaining a distinctive personal touch.

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