Elizabeth Walker | Style Book: Pattern and Print

6th September 2013
Tara Pahari
CUT2 Elizabeth Walker | Style Book: Pattern and PrintDetail from the front cover of ‘Style Book: Pattern and Print’ by Elizabeth Walker
3428765 1024x1020 Elizabeth Walker | Style Book: Pattern and Print

'Matching Curtains' photo by Carl Sutton

Elizabeth Walker’s Style Book: Pattern and Print is the second publication in the Style Book series, the first of which was Style Book: Fashionable Inspirations. The book compromises a vividly colourful collection of photographs, which exemplify great uses of patterns and print.

Published at the start of September 2013, the book is made up of a hugely diverse set of photographs. Set out in chapters, which include Scenes from the Serengeti; Modern Graphics, Op Art, Stripes and Spots; and Flora and Fauna, the selected images look at indigenous styles, catwalk features and they even include vintage photography.

The book contrasts some great examples of very different uses of the same style of print and pattern, such as the almost matching outfits worn by a Hindu girl and by Rod Stewart on opposite pages.

Walker has spent time as an Art Director and a Fashion Editor for Harpers & Queen, The Telegraph Magazine, The Times and Sunday Times FT Weekend before ending up at Marie Claire. Her passion for pictures and prints is evident in the book and can be seen through the eclectic mix of images.

88619615 1024x885 Elizabeth Walker | Style Book: Pattern and Print
‘Emir Of Bukhara’ photo by Sergey Prokudin

In the introduction, Walker mentions the limited colour of her wardrobe as a fashion editor, which was the complete opposite of her brightly decorated house. We can see that in this book, although it is approached with Walker’s working knowledge of print and pattern, her personal love of colour and pattern is the driving force.