Detox Juice And Mocktail Bars | A Healthy Start To The New Year

30th December 2013
Tina Baraga
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Forget the greengrocers for your New Year’s fruit and veg health-kick. Here at Ultra Vie we have compiled a selection of the top London juice bars that have your January detox resolution all covered. From delicious energy boosting blends, to mocktails and healing teas, check out our selection on where to go to have a fruity and healthy start to 2014.

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All 5-a-day

Five-a-day cocktails

The bars at One Canada Square (Canary Wharf), The Botanist (Sloane Square) and Chiswell Street Dining Rooms (Barbican) have the health craze covered with new five-a-day cocktails. Each of the colourful concoctions contains one of your daily recommended fruit and vegetables mixed with a shot of Kamm & Sons ginseng spirit – believed to boost energy, lover blood sugar and cholesterol levels and promote relaxation. The selection includes:

Beetroot Mary: Freshly juiced beetroot with raspberries, coriander, lemon juice, Kamm & Sons and pepper

Canary Mary: Yellow tomato juice, lemon juice, fresh grated horseradish, Kamm & Sons and green Tabasco

Green Twist: Juiced spinach, spirulina, Kamm & Sons and celery

Root Remedy: Fresh carrot & orange juices, ginger, Kamm & Sons

Double Apple Mint: Pulped pineapple & apple juices with Kamm & Sons and fresh mint

Each juicy cocktail is £8.50 and will be available at all three bars throughout January so make it your resolution to pop in and try one.

One Canada Square Restaurant & Bar, No.1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB

The Botanist on Sloane Square, No. 7 Sloane Square, London SW1W 8EE

Chiswell Street Dining Rooms, 56 Chiswell Street, London EC1Y 4SA

Andina’s Juice Bar

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Juice Bar, Photo credit: Paul Winch-Furness

Brand new Peruvian restaurant Andina features its own ‘Juice Bar’ serving fresh superfood juices and smoothies. The cold-pressed juices are perfect for cleansing and detoxing and the smoothies are made from a variety of Peruvian superfood ingredients such as quinoa, quinoa milk, Lucama and Amaranth.

Chambi: Pear, cucumber, grapefruit juice, ginger

Supay: Orange juice, pomegranate, physalis, aji limo

Ekeko: Carrot, melon, pear juice, lime, maca ginger. Maca is rich in vitamin B, C, and E. It provides plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids. It’s also goof for alleviating stress and mood swings, and great for your skin.

Andina, 1 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, London, E2 7DJ

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Vegetable Cocktails

Drake & Morgan Vegetable Recipes

Bar group Drake & Morgan, which owns restaurants and bars such as The Refinery (Bankside), The Parlour (Canary Wharf), The Anthologist (City), The Folly (City), The Drift and most recent The Happenstance (St Pauls) is offering a range of delicious detox vegetable cocktails.

Roots Manuva: Carrot & Coriander Margarita
50ml aqua riva reposado
25ml fresh carrot juice
6 coriander leaves
25ml agave
15ml fresh lime

Shake all ingredients. Double strain into a flowerfield Collins glass. Garnish with a mini carrot and a mint sprig on top.

Arashi Detox: Radish & Wasabi Mary
50ml radish infused ketel one vodka
75ml freshly pressed beef tomato juice
I small teaspoon of wasabi paste
1 thumb of julienned ginger
3 blowtorched then muddled cherry tomatoes
Salt & pepper to garnish
6 mint leaves

Muddle all ingrendents in a shaker. Rock shaker then pour all into a crystal highball. Garnish with blowtorched chilli, ginger & mint sprig.

Respect Your Elders: Cucumber & Ederflower Daisy
25ml Tanqueray gin
25ml fresh cucumber juice
20ml elderflower cordial
75ml Prosecco

Stir all ingredients over ice and pour into crystal flamenco flute. Garnish with cucumber garden.

Accelerate sour: Celery & Mint Sour
50ml gin mare
25ml fresh celery juice
6 mint leaves
25ml fresh lemon juice
20ml green tea syurp
1 egg white
1 celery stick

Dry shake all ingredients then wet shake. Double strain into a speakeasy wine glass. Garnish with celery stick.

Thai Salad Collins
50ml Haymans old tomato gin
25ml Thai salad infused sugar (carrot, radish, red onion, coriander, cucumber, celery, parsley)
25ml Fresh lemon juice
Top with seltzer

Shake all ingredients apart from the seltzer. Add all to a crystal highball and add ice. Top with seltzer and garnish with parsley bunch & celery.

Min Jiang Tea Tails

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Oolong Tea Tail

This January Min Jiang will launch the Min Jiang Tea Tails Collection, a selection of exquisite alcoholic tea cocktails served hot for these cold months. The Tea Tails will be made with Oolong, jasmine scented and chrysanthemum seed infusion teas. Each tea is thought to have distinctive properties: Oolong is known for its cholesterol-busting and body-cleansing properties, and it also aids digestion, whist Jasmine tea is a centuries-old remedy for relaxing the body and mind. Wild chrysanthemum seeds are renowned for their anti-toxin properties, and are also good for complexion.

The Oolong Tea Tail is a blend of Havanna Club 7 year old rum, Malibu coconut rum and a slice of orange, together with Spring King Oolong from Fujian province.

The Scented Tea Tail sees delicate Forbidden Dragon Pearl jasmine tea mixed with vodka and lychee liqueur with a twist of lemon for an aromatic blend.

The Infusion Tea Tail blends chrysanthemum seed infusion tea with Courvoisier VS Cognac, a dash of sugar syrup, Angostura bitters and a twist of orange.

Min Jiang, Royal Garden Hotel, 2-24 Kensington High Street, London W8 4PT

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The Good Life Eatery

The Good Life Eatery Cold-Pressed Juice Bar

London’s new healthy cafe and first free-standing cold-pressed juice bar is inspired by the eateries found in New York and LA. The dynamic duo behind the brand (Yasmine Larizadeh and Shirin Kouros) are focused on leading the juice revolution with their green vegetable vitality juices and protein smoothies.

Their vitality juices are made fresh every morning and include examples such as Lucky 7, a cleansing mix of beetroot, apple, orange, pineapple, lemon, lime and ginger, and Dr. Green Love, a spinach and kale based drink, The Good Life Eatery favours the cold-pressed method resulting in nutrient-dense juices of the highest quality. The café also offers unique smoothies including The Hulk, an energising and alkaline blend of coconut milk, pineapple, supergreens, hemp protein, vanilla, almonds and basil.

The Good Life Eatery, 59 Sloane Avenue, London SW3 3DH

January Detox At Voltaire

Voltaire Skinny Detox Juice And Mocktail Bars | A Healthy Start To The New Year

Voltaire Skinny

This January the masters of mixology at Voltaire, the City’s Champagne Bar & Cigar Terrace, have devised a menu of super-skinny cocktails for those who want to enjoy January without the guilt. All under-200 calories, Voltaire’s skinny cocktails are a rather appealing solution to staying trim whist enjoying your favourite tipple. If you really are behaving yourself this January then Voltaire’s Virgins will leave you feeling better than ever. Have a look at their January Detox Menu below.

“Going back to my roots”  (Twist on Mojito)
Fresh Basil
Fresh Lemon
Fresh Root Ginger
Muddled with Vanille gomme
Over crushed ice and Diet Lemonade top. £7:50

“Gaspacchio”  (Twist on a Bloody Mary)
Vegetable and tomato juice
Voltaires secret remedies added
Crudite for garnish.£7:50

“5 a day”   (Twist on a Cosmopolitan)
Orange juice
Grapefruit juice
Pineapple juice
Cranbeery juice
Mango juice.£7:50

“Frosted Berries”  (Twist on a Bramble)
Muddle Blackberries/Strawberries/Raspberries/Blubeeries
Cranbeery juice
Pommegranete juice
Over crushed ice top with sweet tonic water.£7:50

“Relaxed”   Twist on a Martini)
Green tea,
Elderflower cordial
Lemon/lime juice
Garnish root ginger served hot.£6:00

Volatire, 19 New Bridge Street, London, EC4V 6DB

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Go Alcohol-Free At Redemption

At this time of the year it is hard to get away from booze, with so many celebrations, dinners and New Year’s parties to top it off. If you are looking to cleanse your body and enjoy a glass of fruity goodness, Redemption, London’s first alcohol-free bar movement, is the place to go. Here is a selection of some of their tastiest mocktails to try out this New Year.

The Coco-Rita which consists of fresh Lime Juice, agave and coconut water shaken over ice served with a pink of salt and a salt rim.

The Coco-tini which is an organic fruit presse, agave and coconut water shaken over ice and you can choose from: beetroot, cranberry or blueberry.

The Elderflower & Lemon Fizz which consists of elderflower cordial and fresh lemon topped with sparkling water

Redemption, 13-15 Golborne Road, London W10 5NY