Richard Hamilton | Tate Modern Retrospective

31st December 2013
Guy Humphrey
cut118 Richard Hamilton | Tate Modern RetrospectiveDetail, Richard Hamilton (1922-2011), Swingeing London 67 (f) 1968-9, Tate, © The estate of Richard Hamilton
cut 960x1024 Richard Hamilton | Tate Modern Retrospective

Just what was it that made yesterday's homes so different, so appealing? 1992 Digital print on paper Tate © Richard Hamilton 2005. All rights reserved, DACS

Following on from the two-installation exhibition at the ICA, Richard Hamilton’s career is set to be exhibited with the Tate Modern gearing up to showcase his 60 year career featuring works from his early exhibition designs of the 1950s to the more modern paintings up until his death in 2011.

Best known for being one of the pivotal artists within the pop art revolution, Hamilton is best known for his 1956 installation ‘Fun House,’ combining pop culture imagery such as film posters, magazine cuttings and art history juxtaposed with other Hamilton pieces such as the depiction of Mick Jagger in the critically renowned piece ‘Swingeing London 67,’ alongside political figures such as Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair in ‘Treatment Room’ (1984) and ‘Shock and Awe’(2010).

Richard Hamilton was also widely known for his collaborative work, collaborating with artist such as Duchamp with ‘The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors Even (The Large Glass)’ and a Polaroid exhibition featuring artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Francis Bacon.

T00912 1024x767 Richard Hamilton | Tate Modern Retrospective
Interior II 1964 Tate © The estate of Richard Hamilton

Curated at the Tate Modern by Mark Godfrey, Curator of International Art and Hannah Dewar, Assistant Curator, the exhibition will be the first Hamilton retrospective to showcase the importance of his life works, including his interior, architecture and design interest. It will also feature his first ever installation, ‘Growth and Form’ (1951,) and the 1985-7 installation ‘Lobby,’ which featured a painting of a hotel lobby in echoed by a column and staircase in the gallery room itself. The exhibition will run from 14 February to 26 May 2014.