The Fable | Fairy Tales in Farringdon

9th January 2014
Alyssa Howell
cut15 The Fable | Fairy Tales in FarringdonThe Fable

For those with a taste of the whimsical, The Fable, is set to be a bar and restaurant straight out of a fairy tale.

cut33 The Fable | Fairy Tales in Farringdon

The Fable

Where every detail tells a story, The Fable is a veritable treasure trove of seasonal cuisine, sensational cocktails, alongside bespoke events, interesting masterclasses and unique customised experiences, among sparkling crystal and twinkling candelabras.

Drake & Morgan, who brought us The Folly, The Anthologist, The Parlour and The Happenstance, hope that The Fable will be an innovative and creative all-day bar and restaurant experience. Seating 426, the former dwelling house circa. 1400, floods the restaurant with light with floor-to-ceiling windows and is spread over three floors.

cut26 The Fable | Fairy Tales in Farringdon

The Fable

Mulberry duck printed chairs, fox headlights, a booth created from stacked books and a wishing well, and the florist featuring a roll-top bath overflowing with blooms, are just a few of the oddities to be found, expect to see the bizarre and the beautiful, for an experience that can not be replicated.

Open from 7.30am, with a selection of dream-inspired cocktails and a food consisting of seasonal grazers, flatbreads, salads and heartier mains, whether sneaking down for a weekend brunch, or an after work tipple, The Fable is the perfect choice.

The Fable
52 Holborn Viaduct
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