London Art Fair 2014 | Our Favourite Artworks

17th January 2014
Alyssa Howell
cut210 London Art Fair 2014 | Our Favourite ArtworksGlennray Tutor (1950) It Must Have Been A Dream, oil on canvas

London Art Fair is the UK’s premier destination for Modern British and contemporary art. This year the 26th edition was held at the Business Design Centre in Islington, 14-19th January, we selected our five favourite artists from the mix.

Glennray Tutor, Mauger Modern Art

Tutor, interviewed, has said, “My paintings consist of contemporary subjects used metaphorically. In my work I’m exploring various visual qualities of objects, as well as orchestrating ideas that I find alluring, such as: communication and relationship, time, narrative, childhood and adulthood, cosmic and quantum physics. My painting compositions are an interplay of the visual, emotional and intellectual.”

glenn 1024x796 London Art Fair 2014 | Our Favourite Artworks

Glennray Tutor (1950) It Must Have Been A Dream, oil on canvas. Image: Courtesy of Mauger Modern Art

Michel Ajerstejn, Fiumano Fine Art

Michel elevates the everyday to showcase its value as a “real poetic and artistic treasure”. Michel quickly discovered the possibilities afforded by photography in its ability to capture the ‘real’ world accurately but at the same time be able to manipulate and alter what is represented. Currently Michel’s work offers both expressive and reflective urban scenes of contemporary society, he superimposes the graphic prints and texts to create a tableau that is both powerful and pervasive. Michel’s layered works suggest that no city is a singular place, nor are they meant to be ignored as simply commonplace. He captivates the viewer with his poetic vision, inviting us to realise the aesthetic nature of their familiar surroundings.

michel 551x1024 London Art Fair 2014 | Our Favourite Artworks

Michel Ajerstejn, Milk, mixed media (150 x 80 cm) Image: Courtesy of Fiumano Fine Art

Maria Rivans, Liberty Gallery

Maria’s beautifully and intricate collages employ an array of sourced ephemera, and her compositions combine vivid and seductive colour with powerful and often humerous imagery.

mr London Art Fair 2014 | Our Favourite Artworks

Maria Rivans, Lady Valentina, collage (83 x 114cm) Image: Courtesy of Liberty Gallery

Andy Bridge, Byard Arts

Andy’s mixed media paintings reveal a fascination with the transient and nostalgia, often with a Gallic twist owing to the fact he lives and works in France:
“Painting with household emulsion paint on aluminium and wood, my work reflects my interest in trashy pulp novels, film, cartoons, typography and used and abused objects in everyday life.”

andyb London Art Fair 2014 | Our Favourite Artworks

Andy Bridge, People Try To Put Us Down, mixed media (50x80x11cm) Image: Courtesy of Byard Arts

Deborah Azzopardi, The Cynthia Corbett Gallery

Azzopardi’s distinctive, colourful, cartoon-like scenes reference her early career as an artist for Disney, an experience that she credits with developing her skill, craft and precision. Her voyeuristic images starring a host of glamorous women embrace the comedy of turbulent relationships, seductions, fantasies.

da 1024x1012 London Art Fair 2014 | Our Favourite Artworks

Deborah Azzopardi, Freedom! 2005, acrylic on board (99x99cm) Image: Courtesy of The Cynthia Corbett Gallery