9 most important art news stories | a week in review

22nd February 2016
Lorella Perri
Untitled 12 9 most important art news stories | a week in review

Ai Weiwei Instagram (@aiww)

Day after day newspapers, social media and online magazines count numerous art news, exhibition openings and events. Among those, Ai Weiwei continues to raise awareness on the refugee crisis in uncommon ways, Damien Hirst will open a new restaurant soon and multi million jewellery collection will be auctioned.

Here’s UV’s pick of the 9 most important art stories last week.

1 – New location opening in Milan will count as fourth space for Massimo De Carlo Gallery

Palazzo Belgioioso.GIOVANNI DELL’ARTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS 300x198 9 most important art news stories | a week in review

Palazzo Belgioioso. Giovanni Dell'Arto (via Wikimedia Commons)

Just under a month after announcing that it would open a third space, in Hong Kong, in March, Massimo De Carlo revealed plans today to open a fourth location, in Milan. The new gallery, slated to open in April, will be in the Italian city’s historical center, about a half hour’s drive away from Massimo De Carlo’s other Milan space, which has been open since 1987.

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2 – Paris terrorist attacks outcome leads to Pinacotheque de Paris to close

The Pinacotheque de Paris. Wikipedia 300x267 9 most important art news stories | a week in review

The Pinacotheque de Paris. (Wikipedia)

The Pinacotheque de Paris, a private art museum and gallery owned and operated by Modigliani scholar Marc Restellini, shut its doors yesterday for good following a massive drop in attendance. Restellini attributes the dramatic decrease in visitors to the tragic Parisian terrorist attacks that took place in November 2015, leaving 130 dead. The gallery’s Singapore branch will remain open.

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3 – Ai Weiwei latest controversial performance at Berlin Film Festival

Cinema for Peace @aiww 284x300 9 most important art news stories | a week in review

Cinema for Peace. Ai Weiwei Instagram (@aiww)

The internet is still busy commenting on Ai Weiwei’s latest misguided installation at Berlin’s Konzerthaus, which involved attaching 14,000 life jackets flown in from the Greek island of Lesbos to the building’s 19th-century façade. The installation is meant to commemorate refugees drowned at sea on the occasion of the annual Cinema for Peace gala, which took place inside the venue as part of the Berlin Film Festival.

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4 – Multi million jewellery collection of Philippine former first lady to auction

It seems the spoils of political corruption didn’t only satisfy her taste for designer shoes. In a confirmed auction, former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos will see her multi-million dollar collection of jewelry surrendered to the highest bidders. Over the course of her late husband Ferdinand Marcos’s 20-year presidential regime, the family amassed an enormous wealth of art, jewelry, and other valuable assets while the country experienced significant economic decline.

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5 – Wolfgang Tillmans will go on display at Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA)

The exhibition entitled Wolfgang Tillmans pictures from New World is a selection of photographs from the Turner Prize-winner’s recent series Neue Welt (New World). Following 10 years of abstract and conceptual work, the project marks Tillman’s re-enchantment with the simple act of looking at the world as it is.

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6 – Damaged painting costs American Airlines lawsuit

American Airlines Instagram (@americanair)

High-end insurer Lloyds of London has filed a lawsuit against American Airlines and a handful of other freight companies for the damage incurred to a six-figure Lucio Fontana artwork that Lloyds paid a claim on. The work, Concetta Spaziale (1965–60), which was on its way to the 2015 edition of the Armory Show in New York, had been insured by Lloyds for Beverly Hills art dealer Marc Selwyn, of Marc Selwyn Fine Art.

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7 – LACMA receives the $40 million “Big Lebowski” house

You know the house in The Big Lebowski where Jackie Treehorn (Ben Gazzara, R.I.P.), the pornographer and loan-shark, drugs The Dude before catapulting him out onto Pacific Coast Highway? The one that, like so many Angeleno homes, blends modernist architecture and brutalism together in a way seemingly only fit for a Hollywood villain? Well, its owner, James F. Goldstein, has agreed to donate the John Lautner-designed Sheats-Goldstein House to LACMA.

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8 – Billionaire buys Pollock and de Kooning paintings for $500 million

Billionaire Ken Griffin paid about $500 million for two paintings by Abstract Expressionist masters in one of the largest private art deals ever, according to people familiar with the transaction. Griffin, founder of Chicago-based hedge fund firm Citadel, bought works by Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning from David Geffen’s foundation, said one of the people, who asked not to be identified because the information is confidential.

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9 –  “Pharmacy 2”, Damien Hirst newest restaurant to open on February 23 in London

Damien Hirst Instagram (@damienhirst)

Damien Hirst and English chef Mark Hix have joined forces to open an art-themed restaurant in Hirst’s new Newport Gallery in London. The spot has been dubbed Pharmacy 2, as it is appropriately filled with iconic artwork from Hirst, including Butterfly Kaleidoscope and Medicine Cabinets paintings, among other familiar pieces.

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