Reason & Mankind | Creative Cocktails in Fitzrovia

2nd April 2013
Laura Burnside

RM cut1 Reason & Mankind | Creative Cocktails in Fitzrovia

Reason & Mankind has recently opened in Fitzrovia, as part of new club Libertine.

DrinksWallDetailA 682x1024 Reason & Mankind | Creative Cocktails in FitzroviaTaking its name from one of Britain’s most famous libertines, Lord Rochester, who wrote ‘A Satyr Against Reason and Mankind’, this luxurious nest nods to the era, including embossed wallpaper and lavish velvet banquettes. Behind the bar, a screen projects long-forgotten visuals of 1920s silent movies alongside subtle jazz music.

In a cosy yet slightly decadent atmosphere, slightly reminiscent of the Prohibition period, Reason & Mankind is perfect for post-work cocktails.

The menu, co-created by Jess Cheeseman, previously from Gaucho and Purl, offers a list of inventive cocktails, with creative twists on common drinks and experimental concoctions.

Forget Cosmopolitans and taste their wonderful Coachman’s Gift, a subtle mixture of white peony & rose Belvedere vodka, orange Curacao, Gancia Bianca and rose water, accompanied by a small vintage-looking bottle of pomegranate syrup and Malic acid.

Cocktail2 803x1024 Reason & Mankind | Creative Cocktails in FitzroviaAloe, Goodbye, a dry ice carbonated tea serve of Aloe Vera Sencha, is absolutely delicious – for those looking to stay sober.

The presentation also offers something special, appealing to all senses. While some cocktails are accompanied by strong-scented lavender, others are complemented by small tasty treats, such as their Salt of the Earth cocktail with its salted caramels. Nelson’s Blood, the Reason & Mankind interpretation of a Bellini, comes with a pipette containing a port, strawberry and black pepper reduction.

The menu is as original as the drinks scribbled on it, presented as a thin bookmark in a book, which must be read with a provided old-fashioned loupe.

Address: 4 Winsley Street London W1W 8HF
Phone number: