Art14 Favorites | Our Pick From The London Art Fair

28th February 2014
En-chia Tsai

cut23 Art14 Favorites | Our Pick From The London Art Fair

Lakin Ogunbanwo, 3 Portraits | Image via R&VW

Art14 London returns this year after the success of last years exhibition. Hosted in the Olympia Grand Hall, Art14 brings together over 180 galleries from 42 countries. We had a look and bring you our personal favourites from this exciting and fresh fair!

Yang Yongliang| The Day of Perpetual Night

big YangYongliang The Night of Perpetual Day2012 Digital Media Art14 Favorites | Our Pick From The London Art Fair

Yang Yongliang, The Day of Perpetual Night ( HD Video ) 4 Channel 9’00’’ | Image Courtesy of Galerie Paris-Beijing

Yang Yongliang has studied traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy with the great master Yang Yang in Shanghai. Today, he cleverly combines this ancient art with photography and new medias to create a futuristic and age-old world at one time. Formatted to long panoramic scrolls, printed on cotton paper and red-stamped like in the ancient times, the whole composition being black and white as it would be Chinese ink, Yang Yongliang’s pictures do indeed represent the contemporary Shanshui. When watching the photographic works at a distance they seem calligraphy paintings and old time’s natural misty landscapes. On the contrary when looking at them closely, they become shockingly modern city views.

Lakin Ogunbanwo| Portraits


FEATURE IMAGE1 Art14 Favorites | Our Pick From The London Art Fair
Lakin Ogunbanwo, 3 Portraits | Image via R&VW

Emerging from the nascent advertising and fashion industries of Lagos, fusing a pop aesthetic with classic studio performance into a freshly minted visual image-making vocabulary, the Lakin Ogunbanwo directs complex codes of gender, the body africaine and general taboos into graphically simple compositions.

Athier | Man of War I

man of war 1 734x1024 Art14 Favorites | Our Pick From The London Art Fair

Man of War I, 2013 Acrylic on Canvas 187x284cm | Image Courtesy of EOA. Projects

London- based Iraqi-British artist, Athier is Renowned for his iconic style that draws on a range of influences, from European Modernism to contemporary Iraqi art. Athier’s striking new body of work explores notions of fluidity and the circum- stances in which we become detached from human destruction, themes with profound resonance in recent Iraqi history.

Ding Chien-Chung| Église Vide

Eglise Vide photo01 1024x682 Art14 Favorites | Our Pick From The London Art Fair
DING Chien-Chung, Eglise Vide_Video_2 min_2012_©Galerie Grand Siècle

Taiwanese artist Ding Chien-Chung has been focusing on the relationship among installation, kinetic machines and space. Église Vide (LAURENTINE, France, 2012) from Vacant Room series and the previous installation work, Ordinary Instrument, which all revealed the concern on orbiter tracks and the repetitiveness of “circle”. By the employment of the simplest medium, analogical inscription by the installation and the creation of vacuum space which interacted with digital electronics, he brought audience a feeling of dizziness and mutated viewing experiences

Katrin Fridriks| Lollipops

27022014 MG 6332 1024x727 Art14 Favorites | Our Pick From The London Art Fair

Katrin Fridriks, 'lollipop” installation' – 135x380x8cm – 2012| Image Courtesy of Circle Culture Gallery

Katrin Fridriks is a conceptual painter who fuses the natural energies of her native Iceland with a clever and unseen abstract expressionism and Japanese calligraphic signs, filtered through conceptual installations. The Lollipops installation shows Fridrik’s drippings enlargement process and the play on canvas format and size. The “Paris lollipop” installation is composed of seven paintings of 30cm diameter with different length of wooden sticks, specially made for the “Lollipop & Ice-cream” exhibition at the Helene Bailly gallery.

Penny Byrne | In Happier Times
Fehily Contemporary

Penny Byrne 01 Art14 Favorites | Our Pick From The London Art Fair

Penny-Byrne, In Happier Times (Gaddafi's Gal Guards Guarding Gaddafi) | Image Courtesy of Fehily Contemporary

Penny Byrne is a visual artist who uses materials such as vintage porcelain fiqurines and other found objects to create artworks that wield a powerful political message. ‘In Happier Times’ is a sarcastic piece about former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi, who is said to have surrounded himself with female bodyguards, because he did not trust men. These women often appeared in public wearing military fatigues and lots of makeup, and were often buxom Eastern European women. The sight of them flanking Gaddafi was bizarre and quite comical.


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